Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ready to Begin Again

It looks like we're on the verge of a breakthrough.

After months of inactivity, the City is finally coming to an agreement with us as to how to move this project forward. So assuming we are able to work out the final details, we might - MIGHT - have our permits this week. Which means we might actually move the second floor of the Cheney Cottage to 62nd Street on Sunday.

The house has suffered during this 9 month hiatus in Albany. We have tried to keep it covered with traps, but water has gotten in. We won't know the full extent of the damage until we get the house back to 62nd Street and put it back together, but we may have to replace floors, do a lot of refinishing, and repair plaster that would not have needed it (if the house had not had to spend almost a year in a field).

But hopefully, it's all behind us now, and we will soon be moving. Stay tuned for the fourth move.