Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's just a Jump to the Left

The Delaney House has arrived in it's new location, 40 feet south and 4 feet west of where it spent the last 130+ years. We hope it'll be another 130 years before we have to move it again.

Maybe we're becoming jaded to how amazing it is to move an entire house, but it seems almost routine at this point. Phil and his crew came back yesterday and slid the house over, straightened it out and lined it up with the points set out by Moran Engineering. Moran had sited the house and made sure it would end up where the plans said it would.

The process is to again jack up the house, and put the rails on rollers. Then, using a come along, the house is gently winched into position.
Using the come along, the house inches to the west

Phil used a plumb bob, hanging from each corner of the house, to line the house up perfectly with the points determined by Moran. Then, once the house was in place, it was lifted up, and the rollers removed.
Aligning the house with the northeast corner marker

The house is now sitting on cribbing, lined up where it will stay. But there will be one more move for the old place - straight up. Once the Cheney Cottage is moved and repaired, the Delaney House will be lifted higher into the air, and then a new foundation and first floor walls will be built.

Now, where were we on the permit issue for the Cheney Cottage??

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