Sunday, October 10, 2010

An Unobstructed View

The Delaney House, on blocks, with the security gates removed from the windows

With everything mostly on hold waiting for permits, Tom and I are doing a lot of smaller tasks at on 62nd Street. But sometimes, those tasks are extremely satisfying.

Today, we removed all the metal security gates from the windows of the Delaney House. It was a relatively small job (complicated by the fact that the gates were rusted and very difficult to remove), but it had a huge impact on the building. The house without the security gates looks so much better than with the gates, and it appears to fit more into its neighborhood.

Although some people may think 62nd Street is not the best neighborhood in town, few of the houses have security gates on the windows. Mostly, we've found the block is one where neighbors watch out for each other, and where people are relatively safe. We've become increasingly found of our new neighborhood and especially our new neighbors, and removing the security gates not only makes sense for the house, but it makes sense for the neighborhood.

The old foundation is ready to be removed - we are waiting for Hilary to tell us when he'll be there to tear out all the concrete and bricks. We might keep one small piece of it, that we'll use as a pond in the new landscaping.
The first floor of the Cheney Cottage, still waiting in Albany
Meanwhile, in Albany, the Cheney Cottage is still sitting, waiting to be moved. The tarps need to be replaced again, but the house, though dirty and damaged, is still there, still waiting. Maybe it'll move this month.

The view through the living room door to the stairs of the Cheney Cottage, with the second floor missing.
The two halves of our house, with torn tarps, still waiting.

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  1. If there is one thing to be learned from your project, it must be PATIENCE. This is one of the seven heavenly virtues and you two must soon be Masters!