Friday, March 11, 2011

Going Up

The Second Floor of the Cheney Cottage, high in the air
There are two more days until the first floor arrives on 62nd Street. On Sunday morning, we will bring the first floor of the Cheney Cottage to its new home on 62nd Street.

Today, the Phil Joy crew lifted up the second floor of the Cheney Cottage. It is now 16 feet from the bottom of the beams to the ground, ample room to slide the first floor under.
Ready for the first floor

Tomorrow, we'll do some clean up on 62nd Street, making sure all is ready for the arrival on Sunday. We'll also make sure none of the "No Parking" signs have been taken down along the route, and we'll go to Albany to take the tarps off the first floor. We'll meet Phil, Celeste and the crew Sunday at around 6:15, and head for Berkeley. Finally, the Cheney Cottage is coming back together.

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