Sunday, December 4, 2011

Adding wiring, removing paint

The dining room chandelier
The project continues. More wiring going in, more paint coming off.

The living room ceiling is 90% finished, so the scrapping will commence soon. The baseboards are still not done, but all the rest of the stripping is finished. We hope to have Tom Piedemonte in to give us some estimates on helping finish the project - that should happen next week. Tom is a real artist, and will be able to make sure the finished woodwork is as beautiful as it was in 1902.
The dining room

The living room ceiling, in process
In the course of doing the stripping, I realized that we needed a natural place to stop stripping, and it's hard to find - we stripped the paint all the way up the stairs, but then it looks odd at the top to suddenly have the baseboards stripped. So we've decided to also strip all the woodwork in the second floor hallway (basically, we're stripping all the woodwork except in the bedrooms, the bathrooms and the kitchen). So stripping is now happening upstairs and down.

All the outlets are in except for one in the front bedroom and one in the hall (I ran out of plugs). So the wiring is definitely moving toward completion.
Trim replaced in the back bedroom. The trim was labelled so we would know where to put it back

And the place is looking more and more finished. Next up: more paint stripping, electrical in the kitchen and bathrooms, and plumbing.
The trim at the top of the stairs, reinstalled and ready to be stripped.


  1. How many days it took you to repair this room? That's a lot of work.

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  2. Baseboards have not yet done so, but everyone else is finished downloading. We hope that Thomas Piedemonte to give us some estimates of the help finish the project - it needs to happen next week.

    Midwest Scrapbook

  3. The stripping of the woodwork in the dining room was probably 12 - 15 hours of work. The scrapping of the woodwork takes a lot longer, and still isn't completed - you have to scrape every little bit of paint off. When that's done, we'll wash down the woodwork with alcohol (which removes the top layer of the shellack, and also takes off any paint haze left) and then re-shellack the trim. I think it's probably a good 40-50 hours of work - and it's not a large room. The living room, which is larger and has the wood ceiling as well, will be significantly more work.

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