Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pouring Concrete

The Delaney House now has a concrete pad - the first step in having actual floors in the first floor.  The crew poured the slab, which is now setting up.  By tomorrow, work should be able to continue on closing in the first floor of the Delaney House.

The new front entrance to the Delaney House with the porch post supports in place

In addition to pouring the slab inside the house, we also poured the front porch slab.  This will eventually be at grade, so the house will be wheelchair accessible.  There will be a concrete walkway from the street to the front door of the Delaney House.

Now that the slab is done, we can work on installing the windows and doors, framing the rest of the bay window and getting the house closed up.  Then, we'll put down the piping for the radiant heating system that will heat the first floor.  After the system is installed, a second slab will be poured - this one only 2 inches thick of gypcrete.

Once the heating slab is in, we'll put down two layers of plywood, and then we can put down the finished floor.
Looking down what will be the hallway toward the front door 

Then we get stairs, and connect the two floors.  In the picture, the stairs will be on the right (by the post in the middle) and will come down toward the front door.  The stairs are a straight run, with a turn at the bottom and two steps down.  With the almost 10' ceilings, the stairway will be long, but we hope to make it a real feature of the first floor.

After that, all the finish work starts: wiring, plumbing, insulation, and then the walls go in.  Still a lot to do, but definitely progress is being made!  We hope that both houses will be occupied in 2012 - keep your fingers crossed.


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