Sunday, July 29, 2012

The First Window

The first of the new Kolbe windows is finally installed on the first floor of the Delaney House.

The kitchen window on the back of the Delaney House

This window took a long time to install, because the rough opening for it was wrong. The opening was supposed to be 24" wide by 54" high, but for some reaosn, it was 34 1/2" wide and 66" high. So the first step was to fix the rough opening.

Next, we installed bituthane on the ledge below the window, to keep water out, and added flashing to protect the wood around the window. Then the window was caulked, and it was supposed to slide gently into place.

After reducing the size of the opening, the window fit, but it was very tight. So we had to adjust it several times, which is a major pain. But finally, we got it right, nailed it in place, and the window was in.
Looking out the kitchen window

One down, 11 to go.

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