Monday, November 19, 2012

Incredible Floors

After we started refinishing the floors in the Cheney Cottage, we realized that we were in fact not going to get them all done - it was just taking too much time. So we bit the bullet and decided to have the floors refinished.

The results, needless to say, are stunning:
The living room of the Cheney Cottage

Looking down the stairs

We also made more progress in the kitchen: the 18" dishwasher arrived and is ready to be installed once we finish the plumbing.  We are also putting in a new subfloor that will be under the linoleum floors in the kitchen, laundry room and downstairs bathroom.   And we installed a new secure back door - one that swings into the house, as it should, instead of out.

Dan has been going great guns out back at the Delaney House. The porch is now on its new posts, and all the rotten beams have been replaced, so the temporary supports are gone.  Now Dan turn his attention to the bay, getting the final pieces of trim and siding up.  Inside, all the second floor floors have been patched (where the old floor heater and vents were, as well as the old fireplace opening).  And Dan has started to work on the drainage issues, digging the trenches that will have the french drains around both houses, as well as the trench that will carry electricity and gas from the meters on the Cheney Cottage back to the Delaney House.

Over the long weekend, I'm not sure how much we'll be working on 62nd Street, but we plan to finish the subfloor in the downstairs, and finish hooking up the plumbing.  Once the plumbing is inspected, the gas can be hooked up, and we can turn on the heating system.  This will be a big deal: the house has had a dank feeling during its long trip from College Avenue, and heating up the house will take away that chill permanently, and really turn it back into a house.  So now the goal is to have it rented as of January 1st - definitely doable!  The Delaney House will not be far behind!

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