Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Punch List

We're in the final phase of work on the Cheney Cottage, and we have a punch list of what has to be completed.


  • The bathtub has to be finished (we need to get the spigot and the shower ring/curtain
  • The trim around the window, and the door of the WC have to be stained
  • All three bedrooms need to haev flooring put down in the closets
  • The plaster has to be waxed
  • The trim in the hall has to be stained/shellacked


  • The trim in the dining room and the bathroom needs to be stained
  • The living room, dining room and bathroom need to have the woodwork shellacked
  • The hearth needs to be tiled
  • The kitchen floor needs to be completed 
  • The kitchen backsplash needs to be installed
  • The laundry room and bathroom floors need to be installed
  • The laundry room needs to be painted (the last of the painting!)
  • The plaster walls need to be waxed


  • The last of the water lines need to be run
  • The weird problem with one of the circuits needs to be diagnosed/fixed
  • The gas meters need to be installed


  • The insulation needs to be installed

It's a pretty short list - we had hoped to have it done, so it could be rented by January 1st, but now we think we'll list the Cheney Cottage for rent on January 15th.

I had hoped to take pictures today, but we worked on the kitchen floor until late, so the only picture I took was of the floor.  The edges have not been done, but the rest of the floor is in and is looking sharp.

The new marmoleum floor in the kitchen of the Cheney Cottage

Tomorrow, we finish the kitchen floor, and install the floors in the laundry and bathroom.  We will do the upstairs closets as well, so the three bedrooms are done.  And we hope to get the last fixture pieces for the bathtub, so the bathroom is done too.

Getting closer and closer!

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  1. Is the marmoleum as a click-tile, plain tile, or sheet? Just curious ... can wait until your open house though.