Monday, February 6, 2012

Making Progress on Cheney

We had a good weekend on 62nd Street, and with the work outside that's being done by Eric's crew, things are happening.

Outside, Henry and David have gotten the retaining wall framed and ready to be poured. The new wall should be in place this week, giving us a place to put the dirt Hilary takes out when he starts using his bobcat to dig the Delaney foundation.

The stripping and scraping continues inside. On Saturday, Ady came over and brought us lunch. Then she spent the afternoon with us, scraping the wood under the stairs in the living room. It was nice having another friend there, and she and Tom scraped a lot of the wood together.

In the meantime, I finished all the interior wiring. There is no more romex to run - it's all in place, waiting for the panel to be installed outside so we can connect it all up.

Tom took Sunday off, so I was at the house alone all day, and got more stripping done. There is probably only another two or three hours worth of heatgun work to do, and then all the paint will be stripped: living room, dining room, stairwell, and upstairs hallway.

I also put the bathtub onto the dolly, and moved it into the bathroom. It's still on the dolly, so I can pull it out from the wall when we paint, but the bathroom is definitely taking on a more finished appearance, now that the fixtures are back in place.
The 2nd Floor Bathroom of the Cheney Cottage

We're talking about finish work now: plastering, painting, getting the floors refinished. We hope to start plumbing soon, and get this house done - we have another one waiting in back!

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