Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Raising Delaney

Several people, when asked what they thought we should do with the Delaney House, said "You should raise it" (Although now that I think about it, maybe they said "you should raze it".)

Today, Phil and his crew came back and lifted up the Delaney House. It was surprisingly fast and uneventful. Tom and I went by early to help clean up the yard, moving stray building materials out of the way to make sure they had a clear path to bring in the cribbing and get set up. Phil and the crew showed up around 10:30, and by 3 PM they were done.
Tom out front on 62nd Street, with our 1966 biodiesel Mercedes

The Delaney House is now about 12 feet in the air, ready for its new foundation and first floor. Now we can really see how the lot will look with the two two-story houses. We are hoping that by the end of the month, the house will be sitting on its new walls, and for the first time in two years, all our houses will be sitting on foundations.
The view from the back bedroom of the Cheney Cottage

The houses are close together, because we wanted to preserve as much back yard behind them as possible. It seems to work well - the houses can both be seen from the street, there is private yard space, and, once landscaped, the lot will look good. Seeing the Delaney House so high up makes me wish we had painted it before we lifted it, and glad that we thought to take a lot of the things we need out of it.

The foundation is next.

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