Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fences and Foundations

The foundation for the bay window at the front of the Delaney House

The Delaney House has a new foundation. It's not sitting on it (yet), but it's there and ready.

On Wednesday, the foundation was poured, and the guys spent Thursday and Friday stripping the forms off the concrete, and starting to put the sole plate down on top of the foundation.

The cut out for the back door of the Delaney House

This is exciting to us because it's real progress - a new foundation is definitely progress - but also because we're getting closer to getting the Delaney House back on terra firma. Next week, the guys will start building the exterior walls that will support the Delaney House, as well as the beams and bearing walls inside.

Looking from the front toward the back - note foundation for bearing wall in hallway

And then the house will finally be sitting on its new walls, ready for all the interior improvements, as well as siding, windows, doors, etc.

Meanwhile, out front of the Cheney Cottage, we finished the new fence - at least, we got it put together. Assuming it doesn't rain tomorrow, we will paint it and finish the posts.

We also replaced the window in the front of the Cheney Cottage, the one with the bullet hole left over from when the house was sitting in the field in Albany.

Dale also was over on Friday, and put the purple paint on the west side of the house. Although the trim is still mostly not painted, the house is definitely looking more like one house!

Tomorrow: we hope to paint the fence, and I plan to install the hard wired smoke detectors.


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