Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Before the Rain

The base of the dining room cabinet, ready for refinishing

Jimmy has been hard at work in the dining room, doing the final scraping. There is only the door to the kitchen left to scrape - everything else has been done.

The built in cabinet in the dining room

Outside, Tom cut the tops of the fence posts to match the design of the newel post inside the Cheney Cottage. Except for having someone come into the gate and steal our Sawzall, everything went well, and the fence is mostly done (except for painting it). We're going to hold off on building a front gate until after the walkway and stairs are completed.

Unfortunately, there are a series of storms lined up to hit the Bay Area, so work is probably going to be pretty much stopped for the next couple days. We hope the guys can get back to working on the framing of the first floor of the Delaney House in the next couple days.

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