Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Delaney has Landed

Next Wednesday it will be two years to the day when we moved the first piece of the Cheney Cottage off its original foundation. Today, when we had a break in the rain, the last of the two houses was settled down onto its new walls and foundation.
The west side of the Delaney House on the new first floor wall

The Delaney House, which has sat on cribbing since we moved it to the back of the lot on 62nd, was lowered gently onto the new first floor walls. Tom and I watched as the house settled down, and we could hear it creaking and groaning as it settled in. It's a perfect fit, and the house is now being secured to the wall.
Neil "adjusts" the back wall to fit

Phil's crew is removing the cribbing, and then Eric's crew will start building the front walls.
Beginning the process of removing the cribbing

We ran into Pete Alvarez, our neighbor on 62nd who has been amazingly helpful and supportive during this whole process. Pete said "The two of you look so happy!" It really is a relief to know that both houses have foundations supporting them. They're not moving again. Ever.

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