Monday, August 20, 2012


The front stairs of the Cheney Cottage - with the concrete walkway

Lots of updates:

Dan and his crew have been working to get things organized on the site. In the Cheney Cottage, they removed the stored windows and doors, and put them all in the Delaney House. They also organized piles of wood, and moved all the junk out. The place is a lot more spacious with all that stuff moved out.

The living room in the Cheney Cottage

The dining room

They've also been helping get the Cheney Cottage ready for the plastering. They have been installing the rigid insulation in the sloping ceiling (where the ceiling is basically the back side of the roof, with no attic space above it). This should help keep the Cheney Cottage warmer in winter, and especially help by stopping it from heating up so much upstairs in the summer.

The back bedroom of the Cheney Cottage - insulation in place

The plasterer is in the Cheney Cottage. Tom and I stripped the wallpaper in one of the back bedrooms, and Jesus and Hector stripped the other two today. The plasterer is going to be replastering the three bedrooms, the upstairs hallway, the stairwell, and the living room and dining room. The kitchen, downstairs bathroom and laundry room have to wait until the plumbing inspection happens.

Ray Triola and his crew have been working on installing the drain waste vent system for the plumbing, and it is almost done.

We also have started installing the heating system - the first of the colorful red and white pex pipes are in place, running up inside the downstairs bathroom wall to the back bedrooms upstairs. These pipes will soon bring hot water to and from the radiators in those rooms.

The first heating lines (insulation not yet installed)

Out back, lots of clean up has been going on. The scaffold on the west side has been removed, and the piles of debris taken away, so it is possible to get to the back of the Delaney House with a bobcat (to start digging footing drains and clearing debris in the backyard). The house has been organized, and materials put into organized piles.

This week, the plastering of the Cheney Cottage continues, plus the installation of all the windows in the Delaney House. The crew will also work on prepping the old siding to be installed on the new first floor of the Delaney House, and install the watertable between the first and second floors. The goal is to make the Delaney House weatherproof in the next couple weeks, before any rains arrive on the site.

Upcoming activities at the Cheney Cottage:
  • Painting (finishing the exterior)
  • Installing the supply plumbing
  • Installing the heating system
  • Installing kitchen counters
  • Installing gas lines
  • Finishing the woodwork
  • Refinishing the floors

In the Delaney House:
  • Building the stairs (connecting the two floors at long last)
  • Finishing the framing
  • Finishing upstairs bathrooms
  • Installing the heating system
  • Wiring and plumbing

  • Installing the driveway (on the site - the curb cut is done, along with the new sidewalk)
  • Running electrical and gas to the Delaney House
  • Walkways to the Delaney House
  • Patio outside the Delaney House back door
  • Landscaping
A lot to do, but suddenly it's all happening, and seems manageable.

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