Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Windows and Plaster

The bay windows of the Delaney House

What a difference a day makes.

As you can see, the Delaney House now has more windows. Dan and the crew worked to get all the windows in on the first floor. It's a pretty dramatic change - the house really looks to be coming together.

The west wall of the Delaney House

The view out the bay window in the new first floor bedroom

The new kitchen, with a bit more work to do

The new living room, with windows (the outside door will be to the right)

And the Cheney Cottage has the first plaster on the walls. The back bedroom over the dining room now has solid walls - the holes for all the beams have been filled with plaster, and the finish coat of plaster is already up on some of the walls. Compare this to the recent post that showed the insulation in the sloping ceiling!
Plaster on the ceiling and walls, with the wooden corner bead exposed

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