Saturday, September 1, 2012

Looking more and more like a house

It's amazing that things are happening so quickly on 62nd Street. We have the hydronic lines in for the radiators upstairs - they aren't connected to anything yet, but they're in so the walls can be closed up. The plasterers are moving along: all three bedrooms are done, and today Jorge was working on the hall, stairwell and WC. On Monday, they're coming back to finish the upstairs! Tom is doing final scraping on the last of the woodwork in the front hall, and then we can finish the alcohol wash. So Tom Pedemonte should be heading our way soon, to stain and shellac the woodwork.

But the most dramatic change is out back, on the Delaney House. When we took down the old basement, Tom and I saved all the siding. Jimmy, Tom, and a host of others have worked on scrapping and sanding it, pulling nails, prepping it for reuse. Then Dan had the crew prime both sides of each piece, to keep it in good condition. The wood is old growth redwood, and when you look at the edges where it's been cut, it still looks brand new - the grain is tight and the wood looks good

So this week Dan worked on putting it up on the front and the east side of the house. It's not all up yet, and the water table between the first and second floors isn't in. But with the windows all in and the siding mostly up on two sides, it looks incredible.

More progress tomorrow.

The east side of the Delaney House, with the old siding reinstalled

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