Saturday, October 13, 2012

Continued Progress

In the Cheney Cottage, things are moving along quickly.  The heating system is being installed, the plumbing is approaching completion - and most exciting to us, we now have a working toilet in the upstairs WC.
The toilet in the WC in the Cheney Cottage

But most of the progress has happened in the Delaney House this week.  Dan and his crew have gotten all the new floor joists and beams in under the upstairs bathrooms, so the house really is structurally sound.  The walls for the downstairs bathroom and bedroom, along with the utility room, are now all in place.  And the doors are at the shop, getting put into jambs and made ready for installation.  

 Three brightly painted houses

The most noticeable change is the paint.  Dale and her crew have been working on scraping and prepping the house, and now there is a coat of paint on the sides and back of the house.  The front of the house isn't ready for paint yet - there is still trim to put back and porch columns to install.  But the sides of the house that have been painted are looking good, and the 140 year old redwood siding has cleaned up amazingly well.  The house is also weatherproof - a good thing, considering it rained this week.

Lots more to do.  But continued progress.  Come by and check it out!

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