Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ready for Paint

 The two storey bay window - compare this to the photo at the top of the blog!

Tom Pedemonte and his crew have finished all the trim work on the front of the Delaney House, so we're finally ready to paint.

 The front bay and columns

The balcony with new railings (the columns are plumb, the angle of the shot made the one on the right seem misaligned)

Another view of the front bay, with the balcony door

The new trim matches the old, and when it's all painted, the beautiful victorian should be s real jewel.  Tom also did the finish work on the post and made us new railings for the second floor balcony. The old railings were 36" high, but the current code is that the railings have to be 42" high.  Tom's new railings faithfully replicate the design of the old railings but meet the code.

Trim detail at the new double front doors

Next week, the heating system goes in downstairs (all the pipes for the upstairs radiators have been run, and the radiators are in place, waiting to be connected).

One of the two new electrical subpanels in the Delaney House

And the electrical subpanels have been wired by Peitsa Hirvonen, and all the romex has been run to the new outlets and the lights.  The plumbing is almost done too.

The new side door that will lead out onto the patio

After the heating system goes in, the subfloor goes down on the first floor - and then the finish works starts inside.

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