Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Big Reveal

 I know, this is what you've been waiting for: a glance at the Delaney House.  We have been working like dogs on it, and making progress.   And now we're ready to show it off.

But first, let's step back a couple years, and remember where we came from.  This is what the Delaney House looked like when we first bought it:

The Delaney House, as it appeared in 2009

Now, with 99% of the exterior painting completed, this is what the Delaney House looks like reborn:

The Delaney House, painted

It has been an amazing process, but we are finally turning a corner on the Delaney House.  We have passed our plumbing, wiring and mechanical inspections.  The heating system is in and working, we have hot and cold running water in the house.  It's feeling more and more like a house.

There is still a lot to do: drywall downstairs and plaster upstairs; new floors downstairs and refinished floors upstairs; missing trim upstairs and new trim downstairs; installing kitchen cabinets and counters.  And obviously, we need to do some landscaping.  But it all feels achievable.  And the house looks like a place people might someday live.

And there will be people living there, very soon.  Just you watch.

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