Saturday, August 17, 2013

Getting Plastered

The plaster work has begun upstairs in the Delaney House.   This is what the wall in what is now a bedroom (what used to be the kitchen) looked like before we started this phase of the work:

This is what that same wall looks like now:

The back bedroom in the Delaney House

Armando and his crew are artists.  In the back of the house, just outside the bathroom, what used to be the outside wall of the house is exposed.  When the house was built in the 1870s there was no bath and no plumbing.  When plumbing was added in the 1880s or 1890s, a shed was built onto the back of the house, and the old back door became a door that lead to the bathroom.

We wanted to keep the old siding, but we wanted to re-plaster the rest of the walls.  Armando and his crew have done an amazing job - look at how the new plaster follows the contours of the siding

The old living room, which will now be a bedroom, has also been re-plastered:

Having the walls done makes an incredible difference - and lifts our spirits.   This is real progress!
The back bedroom

We are hoping to finish the insulation downstairs tomorrow.  Once we get our inspection of that, the sheetrock can go up downstairs, and all the walls in the house will be in!  Then we can put the new floors in downstairs, refinish the floors upstairs, and start installing kitchen cabinets.  

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