Saturday, February 20, 2010


I love all things in old houses, but I'm especially fond of old linoleum

The old patterns of linoleum are unbelievable and beautiful.  Linoleum is a wondrous substance, long lasting, adaptable and beautiful.  Far from the mostly ugly linoleum patterns of the 60s, turn of the century linoleum is often wonderful.

In the kitchen of the Delaney House, there was ugly white linoleum, mostly torn and peeling up from particle board. We pulled up the linoleum, then pulled up the particle board.  Several more layers of linoleum later, we came to the original floor - a blue geometric pattern that we loved.  After pulling out all the stapes from the various levels, the floor is virtually flawless.
In the back bedroom, there was another linoleum pattern.  The bold red pattern with pink and white roses was mostly deteriorated, but we managed to save a large piece of it.

It's a shame that most places that recreate antique linoleum do not make patterns like these.  I have heard that linoleum is becoming increasing popular again, and I would certainly put it in our kitchen if it was available in these patterns.

Tomorrow, we grout the bathroom tile - stay tuned for pictures - and then hope to get a hot water heater and install it.  Progress in all areas!

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