Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Progress

It has been a couple weeks since we started our project, and we have made significant progress.  All the windows on the main floor of the Delaney House now are uncovered, all the glass has been replaced, and the double hung windows now all open top and bottom.  The house has electricity - one working outlet in the parlor.  There is running water in the bathroom - the toilet works, and water comes out of the cold tap on the bathroom sink.  Much of the linoleum has been removed and the floors prepared for refinishing.  

Thanks to our dear friend Johno, much of the wallpaper has been steamed off the walls.  He worked diligently to strip several rooms, and is coming back to do more.

Our friend Duffy came by and spent a delightful day with me in the basement, demolishing all the rotting wallboard that had been put up there - clearing the way for new plumbing and wiring and insulation.  Duffy had told me that she loves demolition, and she's surprisingly good at it - I love any woman who owns her own wrecking bar.

Our eldest son, Elliott, has been helping clean up the yard, particularly removing the accumulated debris from the 4 80 foot redwood trees on the property.  (Our youngest, Sabastian, has been cheering us on from his apartment at UC-Davis, but he has steered clear of getting his hands dirty.)  

And our architect, Andus Brandt, has been working on the plans.  We now have agreed-upon plans for the Delaney House's new first floor. The existing house will remain virtually intact, but the living room and kitchen will be relocated downstairs.  The house will go from being a 2 bedroom/1 bathroom house to being a 3 bedroom/3 bathroom house (with an office and an upstairs living room).  The house mover, Phil Joy, has assessed the house and is ready to move and lift it, as soon as we have the permit.

We're already feeling tired.

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