Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stop the House from Spinning

I know that the 62nd Street Faithful have been anxious waiting to hear about the grouting (could ANYONE be anxious to hear about grout?) but unfortunately, it didn't happen.  On Monday night, I had a recurrence of my vertigo - it had been mostly dormant for the last several months, but it's back now, so I'm heading back to PT for another Epley Maneuver.

But the developments keep coming. Andus has been talking to the City about getting the Use Permit to move both houses.  Phil Joy has confirmed that he is on board with doing the moves, and so it looks like April will be when it all happens.  Kevin in the Real Estate office at Cal has asked that we do our best to move the house prior to April 21st (the original deadline was May 15th), so we're going to push hard to make it all happen.

It's all moving forward (no pun intended).  More to come soon.

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