Sunday, March 21, 2010

All Systems are Go

The Delaney House reached a milestone this weekend, when we got the kitchen sink working.  With this, the mechanical restoration of the house is largely finished.  All the plumbing is working, and the electrical system is working.  (The heating system is not working - there is no heating system in the house - but it's spring and we live in California, who cares about heat?)  We even installed some kitchen cabinets and counters.

So now most of the work is on cosmetic finishes - replastering walls, refinishing floors, painting. The house is completely functional.

Meanwhile, we're working with the City and the University to get the Delaney House moved to the back of the lot, and the Cheney Cottage moved over.  The University staff (particularly Kevin) are all being very creative, trying to figure out any way we can get the house off the property by April 21st.  The City staff are also trying to be creative, but the City's requirements are getting in the way.

So we're working with lots of people: Planning, Landmarks, The City Manager's office, our Councilperson.  Everyone agrees that what we're doing is the right thing: restoring a blighted house; saving a historic house; creating additional housing in South Berkeley.  

But will it all happen by April 21st? We're moving the house off the University's land, one way or the other.  It's a nail biter.

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