Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time's a-wasting

Tomorrow is the day the main Cheney House is being demolished.  

The two houses were offered for sale by the University, and, as blog readers know, only the Cheney Cottage was purchased.  So tomorrow, the University will demolish the Cheney's house, which was built in 1880.  It's a beautiful old house, and a real tragedy that it has to go - but no one stepped forward to buy it, so it's going to be taken down.

We've asked Noel, the project manager for the Cheney Cottage move, if he can salvage the front and back doors for us. The Cheney Cottage has doors that are not original, and we'd like to preserve the front door of the Cheney House and use it on the Cheney Cottage.

Tom asked if I wanted to go watch the demolition tomorrow - and although I will of course be there for the move, I can't bring myself to go watch them tear down that beautiful old house.

So now we're even happier that we're saving the Cheney Cottage.  It will be a beautiful addition to 62nd Street, where it will hopefully spend its second century being well cared for.

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  1. Update: Noel Stenberg from the University's Real Estate office managed to save both the front and back doors from the Cheney's house, and they are safely inside the Cheney Cottage. So once the Cheney Cottage gets to 62nd Street, a small piece of the Cheney House will be there too.