Saturday, March 6, 2010

Planning and Scheming

While the restoration work goes on inside the Delaney House, plans are moving forward for moving both the houses.  Andus Brandt, our architect, has submitted the plans for the move of the Delaney House, the addition of a second floor (rather, a first floor), and the move of theCheney Cottage

We have canvassed the neighborhood, getting signatures from our 62nd Street neighbors in support of our plans, and the reaction has been universally positive. All our neighbors are so happy that something is happening at the house, they want to support all our plans.  So no one has objected to either lifting the Delaney House or the addition of the Cheney Cottage.  
The Delaney House, with the new first floor

But there is a new wrinkle: Kevin Hufford from UC-Berkeley has requested that, if at all possible, we have the Cheney Cottage moved by April 21st.  The original deal was to move the House by May 15th, which is ambitious but certainly achievable.  But now the University wants us to get the house moved by the 21st of April, which will be a stretch at best.
The Cheney Cottage, after its move to 62nd Street

To give us an added incentive, Kevin has made two offers: that the University will abate any asbestos in the Cheney Cottage; and that we will be given a bonus of $5000 for moving the house early. (Kevin clearly understands how strained our resources are in this whole process.)

So we are taking the challenge, and trying to get the house moved by the 21st of April.  It will take some finagling with the City of Berkeley, but I'm hoping that Aaron Sage, the City Planner we are working with, can help us come up with a creative solution to make it happen.

We'll be talking to the City of Berkeley staff a lot over the next couple weeks, as we work to save these two houses and get them located safely on the lot on 62nd Street.  Hopefully, we can get it all done by April 21st.  Stay tuned.

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