Friday, April 2, 2010

Crossing a Hurdle

Tonight was the Landmarks Preservation Commission meeting, where we needing to get approval for our plan to move the Cheney Cottage.

Neither Tom nor I were worried about it, but we weren't exactly sure what to expect.  We got to the meeting and found a couple of our neighbors there.  Ralph and Karen had gotten the meeting notice and decided to come to support the project.  

We were there at most 15 minutes. The meeting started, and the Cheney Cottage was the first thing on the agenda.  They asked me to speak, and I spoke for two minutes, as they all have seen the plans and the description of what we are doing.  Then the Commissioners talked about how they think this is a great project, saving a historic house and putting it into a residential neighborhood that will benefit from having it there.  They also encouraged us to get a plaque for the building, that describes the significance of the house and how it ended up on 62nd Street.

Then they voted unanimously to support the plans.

So, another step on the road of getting the Cheney Cottage to 62nd Street.  At this point, it still seems we'll be moving it first to Albany Village, then back to 62nd Street (possibly just days later).  The City is unwilling/unable to change a single rule to smooth the way, so we're stuck with the plan of moving the house across town twice.  

Tomorrow, we're meeting Phil Joy and Kevin Hufferd at Albany Village to determine where the house will be stored when it is there, and to discuss difficulties with the route.  The route from where it is now to 62nd Street is pretty straightforward, but moving it to Albany is pretty difficulty, with a route that is nowhere near as simple or safe.  

We have great faith in Phil, that he can move the house.  And we're grateful to Kevin, for securing a site where we can store the house.  But we're still plenty po'ed that the City is making us do this crazy plan, despite the fact that everyone agrees the project is worthwhile, and we have a perfectly good place to put the house.  

So we'll learn more tomorrow. And then Saturday we take the chimney down at the Cheney Cottage.  And sometime this month, the house will leave 2243 College Avenue and begin it's trip to 62nd Street.  Keep your fingers crossed that it arrives there safely.

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