Sunday, April 25, 2010

Getting Ready on 62nd Street

This weekend, we went back to 62nd Street, to start prepping for the next phase of the project.

With the two halves of the Cheney Cottage now tucked away in Albany, it's time to turn our attention back to the lot on 62nd Street. The biggest job to do is to cut down trees - there are about 7 trees that have to be removed in order to move the Delaney House back to it's future location.

So yesterday, Tom and I started cutting down the trees. We bought a new chainsaw (our old one died after cutting down the willow tree on Parker Street), and this time, Tom went for a better one and got a Husqvarna. Tom is never happier than when he's reading a new owner's manual for a new tool.

Then we started cutting down the trees. We cut down a multi-stalk cherry tree, two acacias and a couple other decorative trees. We also cut back roses and other bushes, slowly clearing the space where the Delaney House will stand.

Today, we worked on cutting down more trees, and Sarah came over to help me with the fireplace. We tore out the old hearth, and then filled in the fireplace and hearth, and tiled them.

We also met with a guy who owns a portable saw mill. We are having the two huge redwood trees in the front yard cut down, and he will come and mill the wood into lumber. We should be able to have enough lumber to replace all the missing siding, make new redwood floors for the new downstairs, and make a deck and fences.

Next weekend, we'll finish the trees, and get the house ready to move. We expect to have our permits soon, and will be ready to move the house back on the lot. Then, the Cheney Cottage will be moved over - first the second floor, which will be lifted up in the air, then the first floor will be brought over and slipped in under it.

Things are moving along. We can't wait to have both houses on their new foundations.

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