Friday, April 16, 2010

Get Set....

So much is happening, there is little need for words:

This is the Cheney Cottage, right before we took off the fire escape and finished removing the exterior trim.

This is where the old fireplace was - we broke through the drywall and pulled out the chimney

A man and his truck - Tom gets ready to haul away the chimney bricks I stacked in the truck

We bought this truck when we were working on the Old Magahey Place. How could we resist a vehicle with "Fun and Mud" tires?

As we pulled the bricks off of the stack Robyn had made, and put them in the truck, we found a local resident. We put him under the oak tree that was in the Cheney's front yard.

Taking down the horrible florescent light fixtures - no way those are going to 62nd Street.

When we opened the walls of the bathroom, we found that there had been a great hive of bees. They left behind their honey.

The stacks of cribbing grow next to the house - getting ready to lift the second floor off

One of the beams stuck through the crawl space, that will lift the first floor and slide it out (once the second floor is lifted up)

The first beam through the second floor. Note that the railings on the landing are gone - everything that sticks up above the second floor had to be removed.

The second floor being lifted

The north side of the house, with the stairwell window removed, as the second floor lifts off

The second floor lifts higher. The front porch is also removed, and the siding in the crawlspace, revealing the sheer walls installed by Noel when he redid the foundation.

Next, the house has to break free of the foundation, and then the first floor will be slid out, lifted up, and put on wheels - and driven off to Albany. The second floor will follow the next day.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I'm thinking that the judicious use of gasoline and a highway flare could have saved a lot of work....