Sunday, March 10, 2013

Delaney Progress

Here's the latest update on the Delaney House:

About half the wiring is now done - the downstairs bedroom, two of the upstairs bedrooms, the overhead lights, the hallway.  Still have to put outlets in one more bedroom, the bathrooms and the kitchen.

The plumbing is also coming along - most of the DWV is done (and should be pressure tested this week) and the supply plumbing is being run.  We hope to hook up water to the upstairs bathroom so there is at least a working toilet (so we can finally get rid of the porta-crapper out front).  The gas lines are all installed as well.

And we finally have a walkway to the house.  Just in time for the rainy season to be over, but we can now walk from the sidewalk to the Delaney House without slogging through the mud.  One of the nice benefits about making the house wheelchair accessible is that it's very easy to move things into the house - for example, when we get a refrigerator, there won't be any steps to go up!

The new walkway to the Delaney House

The driveway is also mostly done - tomorrow, Hilary will bring in a little more decomposed granite, and compact the whole thing, and then it'll be done as well.

And I replaced the four broken windows that our neighbor's son had shattered (multiple times) with his baseball.  He seems to have improved his technique, and no windows have been hit by balls lately - so it seems safe.

There's still a lot to do, but we're making progress!

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