Monday, March 4, 2013

Music in the Cheney Cottage

One of the best things about restoring an old house, or saving one that is in danger of being demolished, is then seeing life happening inside the walls.  Now that we have completed the Cheney Cottage, there are 5 people living there, including our youngest son, Sabastian.

Yesterday, we brought his piano over to him, and he sat in the dining room and played.  He plays beautifully, even with a piano that is seriously out of tune (he never tuned it while he was a student at Davis).  It was wonderful to hear him playing, and to hear his music filling the old house.
Sabastian in the Cheney Cottage dining room

We have taken a little time off from working on 62nd Street, mostly to set up and fill our chicken coop on Parker Street.  Next weekend, we'll be back with Delaney updates.

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