Sunday, March 24, 2013

More photos

Here are some photos of some of the work we did this weekend.

We worked on the fence along the driveway between our house and Christine's house next door.  The interesting thing about this is that all the wood is from the property: the posts are the old supports for the basement of the Delaney House, and the rails (and the slats, which will be installed next weekend) are milled from the old redwood trees that stood at the front of the lot.

Tom checking out the fence

Net are some pictures of the bathroom on the second floor of the Delaney House.  I know, it looks like a wreck, but it's actually much improved.  The wainscoting has been replaced, the shear wall is in, the window has been repaired.  There is even plumbing, and the wiring has all been roughed in.  Next weekend, we will install the toilet, and run water to the sinks.  There are two sinks: one in the bathroom, and one in the foyer outside the bathroom.

The corner where the clawfoot tub will go, with the sink to the left

The bathroom window

The foyer, with the wall hung sink in place

As mentioned in the last blog post, I found a couple shingles in the attic over the bathroom, left over from when the roof was first shingled.  They are in perfect condition, 130 years later.

Next weekend, more wiring, fence slats, and connecting up the toilet and sinks.  Step by step.

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